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Football: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

Play under review Offsides penalty Pizza commercial Fan wearing Chiefs jersey Instant replay of previous play is shown
A belly-button is visible on player, fan, cheerleader Any living animal other than a bird appears on the TV Dropped pass Tattoo on player Party guest arrives late
TV commercial makes everyone laugh outloud A player gestures with finger Either team punts the ball Sack by Buccanneers defense Shot of any weirdly-dressed fan
Running play (not kick return) advances ball for more than 20 yards Fan wearing #1 foam finger appears on the TV Games statistics displayed Interview with coach of either team Interception by Chiefs
Delivery/shipping service commercial Party host spills food or drink (intentionally or not) Score is tied, not at zero (any score other than 0-0) Spot for another broadcast event Passing play for more than 20 yards

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