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Basketball: Bulls vs. Rockets

The Rockets center scores Well-known person (actor, politician, etc.) who is not an athlete appears in commercial Pizza commercial A player is chided by a coach Instant replay of previous play is shown
A belly-button is visible on player, fan, cheerleader Close-up shot of any player whining/protesting when called for a fowl Sport utility vehicle commercial (not car or truck) Tattoo on player Party guest arrives late
TV commercial makes everyone laugh outloud Jump ball Any party-goer takes a bathroom break Close-up shot of any player sitting on the bench Medicine commercial
Commercial for any product or service offered primary via the Internet Bulls inbound the ball Games statistics displayed Bulls player scores with a "nothing but net" swish Towel appears on TV at any time
Delivery/shipping service commercial Party host spills food or drink (intentionally or not) Announcer makes reference to player's legal problems Bulls gain the lead View of the city or sports arena

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