Sports Party Bingo
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Baseball: Reds vs. Dodgers

The play-by-play announcers appear on the TV Fan catches or grabs a baseball hit out of playing field Pitcher throws two strikes in a row Tire commercial View of the city or stadium
Soft drink commercial Fly ball caught for an out Coach throws a tantrum Bases loaded Party guest arrives late
TV commercial makes everyone laugh outloud A player gestures with finger One or more strike out K's appear on screen National flag appears on the TV at any time Reds gain the lead
Sporting gear commercial Batter strikes out swinging Fan gestures in an attempt to be noticed by camera Player slaps another player's hands or behind Walk
Delivery/shipping service commercial Party host spills food or drink (intentionally or not) Pitcher throws a pitch at more than 90 MPH Close up of child fan Any player "adjusts" theirself

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